Visit us

If you are wanting to adopt a cat the best thing you can do is come and visit. You don't need​​ an appointment to visit during our opening times.

If you have specific requirements please contact us first to check that we have a suitable cat available. ​ If you have seen a cat you like on our website or Facebook pages we can tell you if they are still available and arrange a meeting with you and them.

How it works

We will ask you about the sort of home you are offering and suggest which cats will be most suitable for you,​ we​ then let you spend time with them until you have decided.  If there isn't a cat for you, please visit again when we will have different cats in.

If you and a cat are a match and that cat is ready to leave us you will be able to adopt that cat the same day you visit. If you see a cat you like but you want to come back another day you can reserve. However, we will only reserve a cat for you for 3 days, so you should visit when you are ready to adopt. 

The adoption takes around half an hour as we go through all the cat's information we need to pass onto you.

Whether you are a first time cat owner or one with experience you can contact us after the adoption ​with any questions ​you may have​.​ 

Adoption restrictions

If you would like to adopt a rescue cat we want to help you welcome a YCR cat into your home. However, we have some restrictions on what type of cat we will adopt to you dependant on your circumstances.

We do have a policy of not homing adult female cats to homes that have resident adult females. This is because this combination of cats can be the most difficult to integrate and we want the homing process to go well for the new cat, any resident cat and you.​ ​If you do have a resident female cat and you want another cat you will need to adopt a male cat or ​a kitten of either gender.​ 

We do not home cats that have been used to going outside as 'indoor' cats, unless very special circumstances apply. If a cat can cope as being an indoor cat without outdoor access this will be included in the cat's description.