How it works

The first thing you need to do is to visit our Search for a Cat page.  On this page you can see all the cats currently looking for homes.  There is plenty of information about the kind of home each cat needs.

If you see a cat which you think would match your home, please apply to adopt the cat by clicking on the blue "Adopt a Cat" button.  You will need to make a note of the cat's reference number and name.

The questionnaire asks you about the sort of home you are offering and takes basic contact information from you.  If we feel that you would be a suitable match for that particular cat, and if the cat isn't already reserved to someone else, we will contact you to initiate a conversation.  If both you and we feel that the cat is suitable for you, we will reserve it to you and make arrangements for the cat's adoption.

The cat's description will be removed from our website at that point.  You can change your mind at any time in which case the reservation will be cancelled and the cat's description etc will reappear on our website.

If the adoption goes ahead, you will be asked to pay a fee and possibly to buy a carrier.  This will be done online.  There will also be an adoption agreement to complete online, and paperwork will be given to you with the cat.

If your application is unsuccessful we will delete your enquiry and we will not retain the contact details.

Whether you are a first time cat owner or one with experience you can contact us after the adoption ​with any questions ​you may have​.​ 

Adoption restrictions

If you would like to adopt a rescue cat we want to help you welcome a Yorkshire Cat Rescue cat into your home. However, we have some restrictions on what type of cat we will adopt to you dependant on your circumstances.

Cats are descended from solitary wildcats and can be considered as selectively social.  What this means is that they do not need other cats as friends but some cats enjoy living with other cats and some cats do not and prefer to be alone. If you already have a cat and want to adopt another we will match you with a cat that is sociable to other cats but how well it works will depend on your current cat and also you spending time to make the introductions work.  We will give you advice on introductions.

Some of our cats are not suitable to live with children.  This will be because they are fearful of children so will run away from children or swipe hem if the can't get away. We want your children to grow up with a cat that wants to be with them, ensuring a good experience for the cat and your children. 

We do not home cats that have been used to going outside as 'indoor' cats, unless very special circumstances apply. If a cat can cope as being an indoor cat without outdoor access this will be included in the cat's description.

If a cat is a feral cat we will look for outside homes such as stables, farms or small holdings. A feral cat is a cat that missed out on being socialised to human contact when it was a kitten so is not suitable as a pet. Some cats and kittens were poorly socialised as kittens or they have a personality or history that makes them wary of people or just do not like physical interactions with us.  These are 'inbetweener cats', cats that are not really feral and not really pet cats. Depending on the cat we may be looking for an outdoor home or a 'hands off' home with indoor access.  These cats may require specific requirements in a home and we are always grateful for the people who will take in a cat that may only ever love you from afar. 

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