Application to adopt a cat

Thank you for wanting to adopt a cat or kitten. Before you apply we would like to ask you to consider these questions before you commit to owning a cat.

Can I afford a cat? It has been estimated that it will cost most owners at least £12,000 to care for their cat and meet a cat’s fundamental welfare needs over their whole lifetime (source:, 2019)

Is everyone in my household happy for me to get a cat? If someone in your home dislikes or is allergic to cats then it will make things difficult for you and your new cat. Please make sure your household supports you adopting.

Does my landlord allow pets? Fortunately, landlords are beginning to realise that pet owners make great tenants. However, if you are renting please check that you are allowed a cat before applying. Thank you.

All our cats will have a name and a reference number. Please quote these in the fields below. You will also need to be ready to adopt now. If you are wanting a cat at a later date then please come back to our website when you are ready. Thank you.

If you are looking at a pair of cats that we are advertising as such, this is a bonded pair. You should quote one reference and both names.

If you are considering two cats who we have not bonded, please quote both names and references, and indicate this at the end of the questionnaire.

Information about the person who wishes to adopt the cat
About the home where the cat(s) will be living

The questions below refer to a single cat. If you are applying to adopt a pair you only need to complete this once, (but see earlier note about the references and names you need to use above). Please answer the questions accurately. This section is to assess your suitability for the cat(s) in question. Please read the description carefully and if you feel that you are not a match please wait until a more suitable cat is advertised.

The cats shown on our website are companion cats, all need a home to live in. Many of our cats are also used to going outside, so they will also need to be able to access the outside. If you have any concerns about your homes suitability for a cat, or letting cats go outside please let us know in the comment section.

Thank you

If you want to adopt two unbonded cats, please indicate here.

Please give any additional information about your home and/or experience with cats. This is particularly important if you are applying for a cat with any special needs, or other factors need to be considered.

This is not a compulsory question but if the cat’s description indicates that it needs an experienced home, or has special requirements or other information is requested, we suggest you complete the field so that we can understand your suitability for the cat in question.

If your home is suitable and we have not had a prior successful application we will need to call you to discuss your reservation and see if you and the cat(s) are a match. We will also call to arrange collection of the cat if the adoption is to go ahead.

Please can you tell us when you will be available to talk to us. We can call you in the morning (between 9:00 and 12:00), lunchtime (between 12:00 and 13:00), or the afternoon (between 14:00 and 17:00). We also have evening weekday slots (between 17:00 and 19:00) but we cannot guarantee we will be able to call you then. We will need to call you within three days of this reservation and If we cannot get in touch with you we may have to cancel the reservation. For this reason please add all times we can contact you. Thank you.

Thank you for completing our application to adopt. Please read carefully and note the following:

We will check the rehoming criteria for the cat(s) in question against your replies. If we feel that your home will be appropriate and if the cat is still available we will contact you by email or phone. We will discuss the cat in question and may ask you further questions to determine your suitability;

If you do not hear from us this is because your application has not been successful. This might be because we feel that your home is not suitable for this particular cat, or it may be that the cat has already been reserved to someone else;

We receive tens of applications for many cats, particularly kittens, so we can only apologise if your application is unsuccessful on this occasion;

We do not contact unsuccessful applicants and we do not retain applications, so we would ask you to keep checking our website and to apply for another cat if you don’t hear from us within a few days;

Please do not email to "chase" your application - sadly we don’t have anyone able to update you if your application is not successful.

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Yorkshire Cat Rescue.