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We know this is a tall order, but we will continue to fight to provide cats and kittens across Yorkshire with the food, love, shelter and care that they need. To achieve this, we need to have resources in place for times to come. Regular gifts can help us to plan for the future and ensure that money is available where and when it is most needed, allowing us to be here for the long haul, to support cats and kittens from all across Yorkshire.

Click here to become a Hero


Click here to become a Hero

Each month, you’ll be helping cats like Lorne

This helpless little girl came to us after being found in a garden with what looked like injuries to her back legs and hips - most likely done by a car. The poor thing could barely walk and needed urgent care at the vets. She also had one of the worst cases of fleas we have ever seen, and with her legs being so badly damaged she wouldn't have been able to scratch and must have been so uncomfortable and in so much pain.

Black and white cat with injuries at Yorkshire Cat Rescue