Adoption in 2022

The centre is not currently open to the public, but upon adoption of a cat you may be invited on site for the adoption, following a preliminary phone call to ensure that you are a match for the cat you wish to adopt. If you are successful in reserving a cat, one of our Cat Care Team will speak to you about the cat within two weeks of your reservation and arrange an adoption as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE - you must be ready to adopt a cat immediately when applying for a cat.

Adopting a cat

To apply to adopt a cat please click on the button below - please note, we do not retain details for unsuccessful applicants.  We cannot, sadly, accept applications which do not have a specific cat reference and name.

We make an adoption charge, which goes towards the costs of neutering, microchipping, vaccinating and treatment for worms and fleas - all things which protect your cat.  The costs we incur are way way higher than the adoption fee we charge, so we appeal to all our adopters to make an extra donation if you can, or even better, to set up a regular donation gift to us.  You can do this by clicking on the donate link at the top of our website, or by clicking here.  Thank you

These are our cats that are ready, or nearly ready, for adoption. Please click on the cat for more information and then please click on the button below to express interest in adopting a cat. 

We want everyone that wants to adopt a cat be able to welcome a cat into their home.  We do our best to match cats to people so it may be that we feel that the cat you reserve isn't right for you.  Don't worry if your reservation is unsuccessful, we encourage you to reserve a different cat.  To find out if the cat is likely to be a match for you, please click on the cat's name to get their full homing requirements and read the description of the cat you are interested in offering a home to.  Please be aware that we do not home adult female cats to homes with other adult female cats as this pairing often results in conflict.  Thank you. 

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