Yorkshire Cat Rescue is registered with the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales and is registered charity number 1160138 (formerly 1058218).

The charity exists to save the lives of abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in Yorkshire and parts of Lancashire.  It offers a rehoming service for such cats and accommodates them at its purpose-built centre near Keighley.

All the cats in our care are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and given any other medical and behavioural treatment required before rehoming. We have a no-kill policy (unless recommended by vets due to quality of life). This means that we sometimes get chronically ill cats (or kittens) that can still lead a very good life (pretty much equal to any healthy cat) but have to have long-term medication and/or treatment. Any cat in our care will be cared for until we find him or her a home.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue was previously known as Haworth Cat Rescue. It has a rehoming centre based at Cross Roads between Keighley and Haworth, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

The charity’s aims are to relieve the suffering of cats who are in need of care and attention and, in particular, to provide or maintain rescue homes or other facilities for the reception and care of such unwanted animals and their treatment.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue serves a wide area stretching beyond its immediate environs of Haworth and Keighley to Halifax, Bradford, Hebden Bridge, Skipton and Craven and beyond.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue is a member of The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), subscribes to the Fundraising Regulator and is an organisational member of the Institute of Fundraising.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue is a member of The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH).

Yorkshire Cat Rescue (Trading Enterprises) Ltd

Yorkshire Cat Rescue (Trading Enterprises) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yorkshire Cat Rescue, and exists to run the charity's shops.  Annual reports are made to Companies House (Company number 7518205).  

100% of all profits are donated to the charity.  More details about the shops can be found here.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue Charity Excellence Quality Mark