Firstly, please don’t automatically assume that the cat is a stray.  Unless it is injured, in danger or in considerable distress, make local enquiries before you remove the cat from the place that you find it.

Check for a chip  

If you can pick the cat up then you can take it to a vet or rescue centre to be scanned for a microchip. You will not usually be charged for this. YCR can do this within our opening hours.

Put a paper collar on the cat

This should be a strip of paper approx 1cm wide fastened around the cat’s neck. On it write “Please telephone me if this is your cat (your phone number)". This way you can find out if the cat does have an owner locally.

Put the cat on Facebook 

Check Facebook for lost and found groups covering your area and further afield. Social media is a very effective way for lost cats to find their way home.  Post to local community groups too as someone may know about the cat.

Contact local rescue centres in your area

People call rescue centres when they have lost a cat and some will have a database of lost cats and found cats that you can use.  You can also find a list of cat rescues in your area here.

Contact local vets

 People who have lost a cat often call vets to see if the cat has been handed in. A call to them will alert you to anyone looking for the cat. 

Put posters up

Display posters in any local shops, libraries, takeaways and any other public places.  Include a brief description of the cat, a photo if possible, the general area where the cat was found and your phone number' 

Consider the cat may be abandoned and lost

Hopefully by doing the above you will be able to help reunite a cat with their owner or just reassure yourself they have a home.  Sometimes though you will not be able to do so.  If you cannot offer the cat a home and do not know anyone who is happy to take on the cat then rescue centres like ours may be able to help. If you are calling rescue centres to report the cat as found take advice on how they may be able to help with rehoming.

Add a cat to our waiting list here (please note, it may be many months before we are able to take the cat). 

REMEMBER: Tell all local rescue centres, online sites and remove all posters if and when you find the cat’s owners. Please suggest to the owners that they have the cat microchipped.