A kitten with a rare foot condition has won the hearts of volunteers, as they begin the search for her perfect home.

Lucy Miu was born in foster care, by a homeless cat that was rescued by Yorkshire Cat Rescue. She has 'syndactyly' which is a fancy name for split toes - quickly earning her the nickname Lobster Girl.

"Lucy's mum rejected her at birth. She probably didn't think this tiny wobbly kitten would make it. But boy was she wrong," says Yorkshire Cat Rescue's Head of Cat Care, Sam Davies. "Fortunately for Lucy, she was born in one of our wonderful foster homes, where someone was around to keep her warm and fed around the clock."

Lucy is now 13 weeks old and a happy, bouncy kitten looking for a special home of her own.

Sam says: "All of Lucy's little toes are a jumble. Some have two claws, some have none, some have a claw coming out of the wrong place. Luckily, Lucy doesn't mind because they all work which means she can run, climb and pounce on her sisters like the best of them.

"Lucy is by far the first or the wobbliest kitten we have had, and experience tells us that she will do just fine. Cats are remarkable at adapting to their situation and this is an adorable little example of that. She won't need any special treatment- just a regular manicure to keep those wonky nails in check."

Sara Atkinson, founder of Yorkshire Cat Rescue says: "Lucy is an example of a kitten that would not have survived, had her litter been born as strays outside of a loving home. But she has most definitely been worth saving, and we always give kittens like her a chance to put up a fight for life."

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