Lucy Miu - the Lobster Girl

Lucy Miu is a special kitten.  She has syndactyly which is a fancy name for split toes. Little Lucy is a lobster kitten! All her little toes are a jumble!  Some have two claws, some have none, some have a claw coming out of the wrong place. Lucy doesn't mind though because they all work and she can run, climb and pounce on her sisters.

Lucy's Mum Cherry didn't think Lucy would make it so she rejected her.  Fortunately for Lucy she had a human foster carer that made sure she had food and was kept warm and Lucy is now a happy, bouncy kitten and ready for a new home. Lucy is so used to having toes all over the place that she can run and jump just as easily as her normal sisters. We are always amazed how adaptable our wonky kittens are.  She can be adopted into a home that doesn't need to have any special requirements for her, just a heart full of love ...and maybe a little help with a weekly manicure! 

Our special kittens often require extra veterinary care and can cost us hundreds of pounds. If you believe, like us, that life is beautiful please donate to help us to help them.