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1000 Champions

1000 Champions is our very special appeal to find 1000 people each willing to raise or donate £1000 towards our new centre. Read more

Help cats this winter

Help us keep our centre cats happy and cosy Read more

Andre needs your help, donate now!

Andre has very swollen and painful feet, making it difficult for him to walk. Please help Yorkshire Cat Rescue to pay the vet bills. Read more

Help Quinn to live a life with less worry

Our handsome Yorkshire lad Quinn needs you to ensure he can enjoy a happy and healthy life where he doesn't stop eating. Read more

Help us save Sylvia's eyes

This poor blind baby was found struggling outside, please help her! Read more

Save the lives of orphan kittens

Please donate, or set up a regular donation so we can continue to save the lives of unwanted and orphaned kittens. Read more

Help us to pay the vet bills that saved Olivia's life

This poor girl has had to undergo intensive surgery to save her life. Please help us to cover the costs. Read more