Foster carers open their homes and their hearts to give temporary care of our most needy cats and kittens.

Our centre is where cats that are ready for new homes get another chance to find a loving family - it does a good job. But it's not always the best place to be if you are not quite ready for a new home.

If you are a kitten needing to learn about the world with your Mum and your siblings,  if you are a cat recovering from an accident or if you are a cat that is just struggling to cope living in a rescue centre then you need a bit of time before you meet your new family.  That time is best spent being cared for in a foster home.

At Yorkshire Cat Rescue we have a large foster community so we can take in many homeless mother cats and kittens. Most kittens born outside will not survive their first year.  Those that do will grow up un-handled and feral with no chance at becoming a happy domesticated cat.  Taking in pregnant homeless cats and those nursing young kittens means we can offer a brighter future for those kittens - and their mums.

Fostering saves lives.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue pays for all costs associated with fostering and remains the responsible owner of any fostered cats.  We support our foster carers as do all our foster community.

If you want to join us please send us your details