Application to become a Foster Carer

We place mother cats and their kittens, orphan kittens and sometimes adult cats in temporary homes. Whilst the cat and kittens are in foster homes Yorkshire Cat Rescue covers all food and vet bills and supplies any equipment needed. The cat and kittens remain the property of Yorkshire Cat Rescue and must be returned to Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

Fostering is very rewarding, but is also hard work, and one of the hardest jobs is handing the little family back at the end of the period of fostering. Some people foster once, but find it too difficult to do again, whereas other people are able to hand the kittens back without too much sadness - and look forward to their next charges' arrival.

Before you foster for Yorkshire Cat Rescue, you will be asked to attend an induction. This gives us the opportunity to assess you and your home and it gives you the opportunity to ask more about fostering.

If you feel that fostering is something you could do please answer the questions below.

Once we receive your application we will get back to you and arrange an induction with you

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