The kittens had been living in an abandoned car on a scrapyard since birth. The litter had very sticky eyes which meant they couldn't open their eyes properly while they were also extremely malnourished and nervous.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue, which led the trapping operation, has since brought the strays to a safe, warm place and got them urgent veterinary care. Pink Paws Cat Rescue were called out to find and neuter the kittens' mum and dad and have since taken on the care of one kitten as well.

Three of the kittens will now need extremely complicated surgery, the rescue said. It comes after several warnings from Bradford's cat rescues about the horrific impact of failing to neuter your cats. 

The kittens were diagnosed with upper eyelid agenesis, a congenital defect that means that their eyelids are underdeveloped. Not only does it affect their ability to open their eyes, their eyes can get uncomfortably dry when eyelashes become misdirected and rub on their eyes. 

Sara Atkinson, founder of the charity and CEO say's "We have to do what we can to help these kittens to see so they won't spend the rest of their lives in darkness. The costs for these operations are huge and as a small charity we can only do so much. We really need all the help we can to pay for these. Please help us if you can. Every little bit of money we raise will make a huge difference." 

You can donate to the fundraiser for these kittens on the charities website.