UPDATE AS OF 09/05/22

Three of the Scrapyard kittens were born without upper eyelids so their eyes don't close properly. This means their eyes get dry and sore and there is no protection from hairs irritating their eyes. It is very uncomfortable for the kittens and means their eyes are at risk of infection and damage too. After taking them to see the eye specialist again we have found out they will need to have surgery to remove a strip of skin from their lip (being one of the few parts of the body that hasn't got fur on it) and this strip will be used to create an eyelid.

We could just remove the eyes but that would of course make the kittens instantly blind and they would spend their lives in darkness.

It's a very, very complex surgery and we have been quoted £2,500 per eye - and there are six eyes that need doing, so that is £15,000. It is a difficult surgery requiring specialist vets and it can have complications. Our vets have told us though, that there is a very high chance of success for all 6 eyes. So we want to give them that chance. We want them to have a window on the world, to be able to watch birds and chase butterflies. We want to take away their pain and let them keep the gift of sight.

Tabby and white kitten at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

When we received a call from a desperate member of the public about some stray kittens living in an abandoned car on a scrapyard, we knew we had to step in and help. The kittens had been living there since birth and they looked to be in very poor condition. We ended up having to trap them all and after a lot of clambering around amongst all sorts, we managed to get the kittens into carriers and back into our care. We noticed that all the kittens had very sticky eyes that they couldn't open properly, were extremely malnourished and very scared and nervous. They had not had any human interaction before and were understandably very scared and nervous, and in desperate need of some love and care. 

We immediately got all the kittens to the vets and they were all sadly diagnosed with 'Upper Eyelid Agenesis' which is a congenital defect that means that their eyelids are underdeveloped. This explained why they couldn't open or close their eyes properly. It can also make their eyes really uncomfortable as often their eye lashes can become misdirected and can rub on their eyes and make them very dry. 

One of the kittens Ginetta has already had to undergo a procedure where the skin was cut around her eyes to relieve the pressure. We are not sure if the other kittens will need the same going forward. For the time being, they are on numerous medications and they will need to be kept on these for some time to minimise the discomfort caused by their eyes drying out. Another of the kittens Maserati has some dental issues - his teeth are growing at an angle that may cause him pain in the future so again, once he is a little older he is likely to need some dental work to correct this. On top of that poor Bentley has a developmental issue in his left forelimb, which is deformed from his elbow downwards. He is likely to need this amputating if it causes him pain or discomfort in the future.

All of these issues are most likely due to inbreeding, but we are determined to do our best for these kittens and give them what they need so they can have a good quality of life. So far the vet bills for these kittens is extremely high and we would be so grateful for any help you can give to pay for them. Please donate towards their vet costs if you can, and if you can afford it, please set up a monthly donation so that we will have the funds to care for other kittens like them. 

Thank you so much for your ongoing support from everyone at YCRx