Yorkshire Cat Rescue has taken in a young cat around 8 months old called Nelly who was found outside wandering the streets as a stray. Poor Nelly was in such a state and a concerned member of the public ended up taking her to a vet who contacted the charity for help. 

Nelly came to the rescue extremely filthy, covered in fleas and also has a bad case of cat flu. On top of that she is also underweight.

Black and white dirty cat Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Lucie Fox operations manager says “Nelly is just one cat out of many who come through our doors in this kind of state.. After the pandemic and cost of living crisis things are just getting worse and cats are being left on the streets as people can’t afford to take care of them anymore.”

Nelly is going back to a vet who the charity works closely with for a thorough check up and some bloods to see if there is anything else going on. Yorkshire Cat Rescue never puts a healthy cat to sleep and will always do what they can to support cats and kittens who need their help. Please keep your paws crossed for Nelly! Once she is healthy again and has been neutered/chipped and vaccinated she will go up for adoption. 

Please visit the charities website here https://yorkshirecatrescue.org/search-for-a-cat to keep an eye out and view the other cats/kittens for adoption.