For the first time ever, Yorkshire Cat Rescue has rescued over 1000 cats in a single year - superseding all previous records. 

Taking stock of the year gone by, the charity took in 1018 cats with an additional 26 cats being returned to the charity because their owners had become unable to keep them.

12 lost and found cats were reclaimed by their owners, and 40 died or had to be euthanized because it wasn't possible to save them. Almost all of these were kittens.

"Although I am delighted that we were able to save so many cats, this milestone is also a reminder that more cats are unwanted in Britain than ever before," says the charity's founder, Sara Atkinson.

She adds: "This year stands out for me as the year where the largest number of cats we rescued came from private households - the largest being a group of 30 cats from a single home in Bradford. More really needs to be done by housing associations to help tenants who mean well but who clearly can't manage their pets, and funding should be provided by councils to the charities who help rehabilitate and re-home them."

During 2017, Yorkshire Cat Rescue's collaboration with Battersea saw 117 cats transferred to London where they were re-homed.

Sara says: "In working with Battersea, we have been able to increase the number of cats from across Yorkshire who found a new, loving family in 2017. These have been cats whose owners were unable to keep them, but who were otherwise friendly and in good health."

About the year ahead, Sara says: "My biggest wish for 2018 is that everyone makes sure their cats are neutered, unless they are certain that they can find a home for the kittens that are almost guaranteed to arrive. Far too many litters of kittens are unplanned and unwanted, yet so easily prevented."