What does a Cat Socialisation & Feeding Volunteer do?

When cats come into the rehoming centre they are often very frightened.  They may also be shy, frustrated or are just not able to cope well with life at a rescue centre. Our cat socialisation volunteers spend time sitting with these cats to help them relax and have a more rewarding time in the centre.  If the cats are confident enough they will also engage with our socialisation volunteers playing with toys and coming for some stroking and even venturing on a lap. Once our kittens are ready to be adopted they come back from their foster homes and they too appreciate some attention including handling and fun games.

What’s involved?

  • Spending time with adult cats who may be timid or frustrated
  • Spending time with kittens to ensure they are socialised to all types of people
  • Enriching the lives of cats whilst they are confined to cat pens
  • Feeding the cats their afternoon meals

What skills are needed to do this role?

  • Patience
  • Ability to read and understand signs or symbols on cat pens
  • Be calm and confident around cats 
  • Be able to follow instructions

Why should you become a Cat Socialisation & Feeding Volunteer ?

Our Cat Socialisation Volunteers make a significant contribution to the welfare of the cats that they interact with.  Making their time at the centre an easier one. You will see cats becoming happier in their surroundings, improving their lives and their chances of adoption.  You will also learn about cat behaviour, expanding your knowledge of cats, their personalities and needs. You will also meet new people and be part of a dedicated and friendly team of volunteers. You get to feed all the cats on site and be part of the volunteer team.

When do cats need socialisation?

Our cats have lots of visitors at the weekend as that is when most people are coming to look for a companion to adopt. For this reason we limit our Cat Socialisation Volunteering to happen during the week. Most of our volunteers spend a couple of hours a week in this role but we are very flexible.  At the moment we are looking for a later afternoon socialiser and feeder, between 3pm and 5pm you will be needed to sit with the cats and then feed them.

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