Meet this weeks cat of the week! Nessie is 8 years old and has been with us for a while now. We hate that she hasn't had much interest. Nessie is the sweetest girl and always chirps at you to say hello when you enter her pen!

Nessie can get stressed out easily so she is going to need a quiet, calm home with people who have had kitties before. Please let Nessie do things in her own time - she will need space to come out and say hello to you. The longer she has been at YCR, the more confident she has become though and she is even coming out for fusses more and more! Chin & head scratches are her favourite.

Black and white cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

In her new home Nessie will need to be fed on special urinary food to prevent any flare ups of cystitis, but we will explain everything about this. Click on the button below to fill in an application form to adopt her.

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