What does a Cat Feeding/Cleaning Volunteer do?

Feed cats! Well actually it’s a bit more complicated than that as we want our resident felines to have the best care we can give them whilst they are with us.  That means that they are fed suitable foods at specified times and with measured portions so they can be as fit and healthy as possible. 

What’s involved?

  • Noting a cats feeding requirements on the feeding board
  • Dishing out and serving the cats breakfast or tea
  • Clearing away and disposing of feeding trays
  • Restocking feeding stations
  • Cleaning litter trays and pens
  • Emptying and cleaning litter trays

What skills are needed to do this role?

  • Ability to follow instructions and read a notice board
  • Be calm and confident around cats

Why should you become a Cat Feeding/Cleaning Volunteer?

By giving our cats their delicious and nutritious meal you will find yourself with many new furry friends! Our cats benefit too as they get to know a new face that brightens up their day. You will also meet new people and be part of a dedicated and friendly team of volunteers.

When do cats need feeding?

Our cats get their breakfast between 9am and 10am.  Some of our Feeding volunteers like to do a set mealtime every week and some would prefer to fill in when there is no other feeding volunteers. We are currently needing the cats fed on Monday mornings.

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