Casper is around 12 years old.  He was found living outside as a stray cat but no one claimed him.

Casper has various medical issues.  He has had a huge dental and various check ups on his eyes due to the fact that he is blind and his eyelids were rubbing on the surface of his eyes so they requires surgery.  He absolutely hates going to the vet so it has been very traumatic for him.

He also has renal disease and eats a renal diet, his kidneys will deteriorate over time but for now the special diet works just fine.  

As with any cat, we don't know how long Casper has but we are determined to make him comfortable and happy and he is enjoying life with his foster family.  This is the beauty of virtual adoptions - the cats can enjoy a comfortable and happy time with their fosterers, rather than waiting in a cat pen for a home that might never come along.

Casper sleeps with his foster mummy and enjoys head scratch's too.

Virtually adopt Casper

Cat next to Laptop