Meet Obidiah!

This handsome and friendly lad has had a pretty rough start to 2024, as when he came into our centre we realised very quickly that he had an infection or some other issue in his ear.  His whole little head was wonky with one ear canted to the centre.

The initial diagnosis was that there was probably a big infection, or even a polyp (which is like a cyst that grows in a narrow place such as an ear canal) and so a course of antibiotics ensued.

Sadly, this didn't make much difference and so a further veterinary examination was booked - this included an X-Ray to see if there was anything causing the problem.

The results showed that there was no tumour or polyp, but there was a HUGE area that contained an infection - very deep inside his ear canal and totally inaccessible from the ear itself.  

We had to have long discussions about Obidiah's future.  A big operation with the possibility of failure or should we have him put to sleep as his quality of life was compromised, and he could not survive comfortably without having surgery to remove the infection.

Because of his youth, his general bonhomie outlook and because we felt that it was unlikely to recur once all the infection had been removed, we decided to go ahead.

So he was prepared and once the vets decided the time was right, he went off to have his surgery.  There were risks - the possibility of some facial paralysis and of course the small, but not insignificant, possibility that the infection might build again.

After a period of recovery, Obidiah went back to the vets to have a check up and stitches out, and the good news was that things were healing nicely.  There was no sign of any infection.

But a week or so later it was clear that something wasn't right, and so back to the vets went our valiant lad.

What a relief to be told that there was a tiny localised infection around one of the outer stitches probably caused by him scratching it or catching it.  A short course of antibiotics soon remedied that.

And that's where we are today.  His ear is healing and he is still an utter sweetheart.  But the operation and vet visits have cost us a tremendous amount of money - and so we are appealing to you, if you can afford it, to help us with this cost, by making a donation, or if you can afford it, by making a regular monthly contribution to our bills.

Your donations will ensure that should another cat with a need for major surgery come along, we will be able to help him or her and potentially save his life.

Thank you

The photos show Obidiah recovering from his surgery.

Black and white cat showing shaved head after surgery at Yorkshire Cat Rescue Black and white cat with shaved patches on body after surgery at Yorkshire Cat Rescue