Our Scrapyard kitten appeal went really well and we managed to raise the money needed to pay for 3 of the kittens to have expensive surgery to save their eyesight. The surgeries went ahead a little later than planned, but we are pleased to say that they were successful and all the kittens are recovering well. Here are some updates and photos with how they are doing! We hope as all the kittens grow up so will the opening to their eyes so they will be able to spend the rest of their lives chasing butterflies and watching the world go by. Thank you again for helping us to change the outcome for all of these gorgeous babies. We really do have the most wonderful supporters.  


Bentley had the surgery and all went well. He isn't too happy about his medication though and his post op care requires eye drops, oral antibiotics and pain relief. Despite everything he is still getting up to mischeif in his new home and his new family say he is also going through a 'teenage phase' at the moment!! 

Scrapyard kitten at Yorkshire Cat Rescue 2


Gigi is doing really well, she is a real character who knows her own mind but still loves her snuggles. She is obsessed with her big sister (Peanut), but this is not always reciprocated. She still can’t go out yet as she hasn’t been signed off from her eye surgery, but she seems much better and a lot more comfortable. She also needs eye drops and pain relief as part of her post op care. One of her eyes even completely closed after the surgery but after a good clean at the vets it has opened up again. She is settling in so well in her new home and hasn't let this big surgery phase her at all! 

Scrapyard kitten at Yorkshire Cat Rescue 3


Baggy had a slightly different operation to his  siblings - purely because the area needed for the graft was greater than the skin available around his lips to cover it. So, his lower lid has been stretched all the way round creating very small eye openings. His eye sight at the minute is limited further now due to the small opening and his cataracts, but the hope is as Baggy grows so will the opening of his eyes. At least now he won't get his fur curling into his eyes and making them sore. His post op care requires antibiotics, anti inflammatory pain relief and an eye lubricant plus gentle cleaning. Most of all he is loving all the cuddles he can get!
Scrapyard kitten at Yorkshire Cat Rescue