This is Bison who has just come in. He was brought in by our CEO Lynn after he was found outside as a stray. Some kind person had been feeding him, but it was obvious he wasn't looking good so we knew we had to get him in our care ASAP. It looks like he has an extreme case of cat flu and sadly there are other issues going on as well. 
After a vet trip we found out that Bison  has a heart murmur and has also tested positive for FIV which is feline aids. FIV leaves cats very vulnerable to infection and we think this has resulted in Bison having virtually no white blood cells.
He is also in desperate need of a dental, however with the current state he is in we couldn't put him through it. We are worried how his body will be able to cope with everything, but we won't give up and are going to try him on some antibiotics to see how he responds and will monitor him over the next few days. 

He is eating and purring and seems comfortable which is the main thing. Please keep everything crossed for him. ❤