Misty came to us as a very petite and small cat. At one point we weren't even sure if she was pregnant but a trip to the vets confirmed otherwise and she soon started to get bigger! She was sent out to foster and not long after she went into labour and none of us were prepared for what happened next! 

Misty started giving birth to kittens as usual but one after the other came out and even when her foster mummy thought she was done after an impressive 7 she gave birth to two more taking the total to a whopping 9 kittens! Sadly the last two didn't make it and were stillborn, but Misty still has a wonderful big litter of 7 kittens to look after. We think she will have her work cut out for her when the kittens get bigger but she is doing a wonderful job so far.

The biggest record for litter of kittens has now been broken and we wonder if any other mummy cat will top it! All Misty's kittens are now 3 weeks old and are doing really well despite struggling to gain weight at the start. They will go up for adoption on our website when they are ready so keep an eye out! 

Kittens from Yorkshire Cat Rescue