Arnold is a beautiful black and white baby who was found on a farm and hadn't had any human contact for the first 5-6 weeks of his life.  When he got to us (very hissy and spitty) we noticed he had a deformed leg as it was the completely wrong way round, which is likely to have happened at birth. We have no idea what caused his leg to be this way, but all we know is he needs our help to ensure he can play and live just like other tiny kittens!

With his leg being almost backwards, it means Arnold can't run and play like normal and is often playing catch up with his foster siblings. At the moment, he is having to shuffle himself along to get by the poor thing, but it shows just how courageous and determined he is!

At times he can manage to get his leg in a normal position which is making us hopeful, as we have been told that if things don't improve this poor, helpless, baby kitten may need to have his leg amputated! With continued physio though it may only be corrective surgery that he needs, so please keep your fingers crossed as we would hate to put him through such a major operation.

If you can please help us by making a donation - or better still a regular donation - as having a few extra pounds each month will help us to give kittens and cats like Arnold the chance to have a good quality of life. We couldn't do this without you!

Thank you x