Yorkshire Cat Rescue and vets

One of the keys to the success of Yorkshire Cat Rescue is the amazing partnerships we have had with veterinary surgeons.  We've used many vets over the years, our current vets are......

Our main vets

As we now rescue so many cats we have to partner with various vets to be able to get all of our cats and kittens the treatment they need as quickly as possible.

Aireworth Vets

Baildon Vets

West Mount Vets

Palmer & Duncan

Vets used by our fosterers

Because we have fosterers all around the county (and beyond!) it is often not practicable for the fosterers to return cats to one of our partner vets for ongoing treatment.  Sometimes we have to use vets local to the fosterer.  (This also reduces the traveling time and therefore the stress for the cats).  These vets vary in their approach to us - many of them offer a discount and because they get to know the fosterers who use them, they can offer direct advice and support that is invaluable in their care of the cats.

Where possible, of course we do ask the fosterers to use one of our partner vets, but we consider the stress for the cat and the ability of the fosterer to travel when booking appointments.

Why don't we have an onsite practice ourselves?

Well, this is something we would like to have but we are not able to yet for a number of reasons 

  • We don't really have the space.  
  • We would have to employ a vet and a nurse, but the hours we would need them to work would vary hugely
  • We'd have to manage them and we don't have staff qualified to do this.
  • Insurance and regulations would also need to be considered.
  • We would still have to use outside vets for more complex surgery.
  • We wouldn't be able to "overnight" cats recovering from surgery or who were ill enough to require round the clock care.
  • If we offered the services to members of the public we'd have to provide cover 24/7.

It's not something we have ruled out, but we don't feel we are there yet.

What do we do for vets?

Many vets approach us to ask if we can take in cats that have been brought in for non-medical euthanasia.  This might include a cat that is no longer wanted, a cat that is a stray, a cat that needs medical treatment that the owners can't afford.  Where possible we will help these cats.  And many times the vets will undertake some, if not all, medical treatment the cat needs.

Kittens at Yorkshire Cat Rescue