What does a Volunteer Driver do?

A Volunteer Driver main task is transporting cats.  Cats need to be taken to vet appointments, dropped off at foster homes or their new homes or brought back to our centre in Cross Roads, Keighley. When volunteer drivers take cats for vet appointments they will usually be present (although you don’t have to be) while the consultation takes place but all medical decisions about the cat are made by YCR staff and the vet.  Volunteer drivers may also drop off supplies to foster homes.

What’s involved?

  • Transporting cats either in your car or in the YCR van
  • Sitting in for consultations with our friendly and knowledgeable vets (optional)
  • Driving distances of ten to thirty miles per journey
  • Communication by email and phone

What is needed to do this role?

  • If you want to use your car you will need to inform your insurance company (there is usually no cost for this)
  • If you want to use the YCR van you need to be aged between twenty five and seventy, have a clean driving licence and have had an up-to-date eye test 

Why should you become a Volunteer driver?

We can’t home a cat unless they are neutered, chipped and vaccinated.  By joining us as a Volunteer Driver you help ensure this happens as soon as possible meaning cats are ready to be rehomed quicker.  You will help ill cats get better, sooner. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about cat care and common (and unusual) medical conditions in cats. You will also meet new people and be part of a dedicated and friendly team of volunteers.

When can you help by driving?

We are looking for drivers that can help us on any day of the week and you can choose to have a set day every week or be more flexible. Some of our volunteer drivers just volunteer for this role and others combine helping out with vet transport with another volunteer role.

Additional information

If you are using your own car to drive for us we will cover your travel costs so that volunteering incurs no cost to you.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue welcomes and values its volunteers. They help us make a difference to the lives of cats when they need it most. To ensure our volunteers feel happy and supported we provide support through an induction and training. There are always friendly and approachable staff members on site that will assist volunteers in everything they do. 

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