Hi! My names Milo and I have been in my new home for just over a year now! Here I am chilling in a plastic bag... it's my new thing. I have been causing havoc and chaos in my daddys life... but he wouldn't have it any other way!! I like to lick left over food from pans so my fur goes all orange, and steal food as well. One time I came back from an outside adventure with a piece of steak! I have an older brother here called Sully and I'm not too sure he likes me as he always screams in my face. We both fight for knee sits, and I always steal his favorite chair, but sometimes we get along... SOMETIMES. I have the cutest little chirp and when Daddy says 'do you want some tea' I chirp away and run to the cupboards and it melts daddy's heart. At night I like to snuggle up under the covers near daddy's toes, or just fight with Sully. Sully is a grumpy old man sometimes, although I do think he is the favorite!! How rude is that!

Black and white cat in bag re-homed by Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Jess, Gus & Harris! 

For anyone thinking of adopting a cat please do, these are our three that have all been rescued by Yorkshire Cat Rescue. Jess in the first photo has just reached 6 years old, she was abandoned as a tiny kitten and was hand raised by them. Gus in the second photo is a huge cat weighing 1 stone but so gentle, he was hit by a car and the rescue arranged his fostering until he was recovered, a big name rescue refused to help him. Harris in the third photo is our very timid but very loving cat. He was a feral kitten when the rescue arranged bravery training for him. We have been through sad times and happy times over the years but the rescue has been with us every step of the way. I think the love and joy on my daughters face says more then I ever could, our cats are part of our family. Thank you to everyone at the rescue for the love and care you've given to our cats and us, you are all amazing  


Lucy Lu

Lucy is just making herself right at home here in York. She is a beautiful girl with a lovely personality which I believe is testament to the passion and loving care she has received in your care before she came to us.  Her Uncle Zak is now quite indifferent to her charging around near him and she can't be bothered with him either. Not too long and I think they will be sharing cat naps and playing together which will do him good because he is quite lazy at the best of times! Lucy might do him some good and shift a bit of the excess weight he is carrying! Lucy is lovely. Last night she spent the entire night with me snoozing between my pillows at the back of my head. She knew down time and stayed there all night.  Nothing better to wake up to a happy yawning kitten ready for her next day of adventures! Love Becky and Lucy