"This is Nala who we adopted a few months ago! She was very nervous and spent a long time hiding under the bed - but now she’s the most loving, affectionate cat who will happily spend hours sat on your lap (especially when in bed watching a bit of Netflix) being fussed! She’s a huge part of our family and we absolutely adore her."

Tortie cat adopted out at Yorkshire Cat Rescue


It's amazing to think that just a few months ago William was in fospice care. Look at him now!

"William is a extremely well behaved boy, and seems to be getting on okay with our hedgehog Charlie. He loves to watch and folow him. William does like to sleep in his own peaceful places but is more frequently joining us on the sofa for naps and he comes to our bed every morning to wake us up probably to be fed! William loves to talk, which I love! We chat all the time."


"Tofu (was spot) has settled in like a dream! He is completely at home in the whole house and is best friends with all my housemates. He loves to play and gives the sweetest cuddles. One thing I've noticed is how much he loves being under the covers!"

Bella Rosie

"Just thought i'd send in a quick update and some piccies of Bell! She's absolutely gorgeous and her skin has gotten so much better! She's on the Kattovit hyperallergenic diet and she's doing so well. She's really starting to show her personality and she is so cheeky and loves being up high. Her favourite thing is tinfoil balls and she'll bat them around the room for hours then come and curl up on my knee when she's tired, and if she's not getting enough attention she'll paw at my arm until I stroke her haha! We love her to bits and she's really filled a hole in our lives thanks for letting us adopt her."

Cat adopted from Yorkshire Cat Rescue


"He has fit in so perfectly with my lifestyle/home life, just as I knew he would! He has grown up so much over the months I have owned him, becoming more and more adventurous each day. Today has been his first time going outside without a harness on - which he loved!!"

Tabby cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue


"She has settled in very well indeed and has started to explore areas of the flat she was a bit weary of before. We have claimed daddy's yellow chair as our favourite spot to relax, have a wash or nap; although we also enjoy a cuddle in bed when I have a day off. We love looking out into the garden at the squirrels and birds and have been very intrigued by the snowflakes lately. Boxes and catnip toys are also firm favourites!"

Black and white cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue


This was a brilliant read.
"Tuesday is Eric’s (neé Turkey) second adoption birthday. Eric is now a very largely built, army estate cat. He takes his military role very seriously indeed as endless reconnaissance missions are undertaken each day, but no enemies captured (we are very grateful that his ability to “cat” is somewhat lacking). Eric doesn’t believe in using anything that was designed for a cat, why use toys and beds when hair ties and duffle bags are available? He’s a constant source of entertainment and love, his cuddles are the best cuddles and we’re so lucky that he chose us. Thank you for everything!"
Ginger cat adopted from Yorkshire Cat Rescue


Zazu is adorable, we are so happy he has settled in.

"Hello, Zazu seems to have settled really well so far! He’s played with my boys for hours, eaten a good tea and is now having a snuggle 🥰 He’s beautiful!"

Black and white kitten at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Mav the Minx

Another little update from Mavis who has come on so much in her new home!

"We thought you might like to hear how Mavis is getting on with her older YCR brother Mush(u). My husband said I should contact you as he feels we have been mis-sold a kitten (!) being under the impression Mavis was very shy and timid. Mav is relentless in her pursuit of a tussle with Mush. Mush being the gentle giant he is plays so well with her and recently we’ve discovered when he wants a rest but she wants to play, he gives her a good lick bath instead! We call her Mav the Minx as she’s so full of mischief. Thanks for giving us a little bundle of mayhem YCR, we love her so!"

Black and white cat from Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Moofus one year on....

Here we are one year on from Moofus getting his furever home.. 
Starting at a whopping 6.65kg, with hard work, no treats 🙀, special diet food, play and outside walks with a harness he is now down to a more sensible 5.25kg!
He has filled a hole in my heart and I am totally besotted. The way he looks at me it’s with total love and gratitude. He feels safe with me, even in unfamiliar situations. He looks to me for reassurance and I’m there to give it. The most recent unfamiliar situation was in the vets waiting room. Moofus was on his lead and two Newfoundland dogs came in. Looking back at me occasionally Moofy greeted one face to face, having a good sniff. He then walked with his tail in the air under the second one and sat down next to it. I am his safe place and his security.
Right now as I’m writing this he’s purring away on my lap, happy with life. I am so grateful for you introducing us, for putting him in my life and for filling that cat shaped hole in my heart. Thank you for all that you do.
Tabby cat re-homed by Yorkshire Cat Rescue  

Joey & Bugsy (Now Figaro & Rajah)

Hi guys,

Just wanted to provide an update on Figaro(Joey) & Rajah(Bugsy).

Both boys have settled in extremely well and are becoming more affectionate. They both have a strong appetite though Joey doesn’t eat as much, a love for shoe laces and stalking/pounding on each other. The first night they chased each for a full 6hrs so there was minimal sleep though with their personalities it impossible to be cross. 

They’re both still a little sniffly but that hasn’t stopped them from living their best lives.


Kittens at Yorkshire Cat RescueKittens at Yorkshire Cat Rescue


Rex has settled into life in our house! From the moment we brought him home in June, this little cutey has never been too far away from our boys, and is the most loving little kitten we could ever wish for!!!! He’s definitely a cheeky one and knows how to get his own way! But we wouldn’t change him for the world!!!!!!

Happy cat that has been re-homed by Yorkshire Cat Rescue                       Tabby kitten at Yorkshire Cat Rescue


Hi! My name's Milo and I have been in my new home for just over a year now! Here I am chilling in a plastic bag... it's my new thing. I have been causing havoc and chaos in my daddys life... but he wouldn't have it any other way!! I like to lick left over food from pans so my fur goes all orange, and steal food as well. One time I came back from an outside adventure with a piece of steak! I have an older brother here called Sully and I'm not too sure he likes me as he always screams in my face. We both fight for knee sits, and I always steal his favorite chair, but sometimes we get along... SOMETIMES. I have the cutest little chirp and when Daddy says 'do you want some tea' I chirp away and run to the cupboards and it melts daddy's heart. At night I like to snuggle up under the covers near daddy's toes, or just fight with Sully. Sully is a grumpy old man sometimes, although I do think he is the favorite!! How rude is that!

Black and white cat in bag re-homed by Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Jess, Gus & Harris! 

For anyone thinking of adopting a cat please do, these are our three that have all been rescued by Yorkshire Cat Rescue. Jess in the first photo has just reached 6 years old, she was abandoned as a tiny kitten and was hand raised by them. Gus in the second photo is a huge cat weighing 1 stone but so gentle, he was hit by a car and the rescue arranged his fostering until he was recovered, a big name rescue refused to help him. Harris in the third photo is our very timid but very loving cat. He was a feral kitten when the rescue arranged bravery training for him. We have been through sad times and happy times over the years but the rescue has been with us every step of the way. I think the love and joy on my daughters face says more then I ever could, our cats are part of our family. Thank you to everyone at the rescue for the love and care you've given to our cats and us, you are all amazing  


Lucy Lu

Lucy is just making herself right at home here in York. She is a beautiful girl with a lovely personality which I believe is testament to the passion and loving care she has received in your care before she came to us.  Her Uncle Zak is now quite indifferent to her charging around near him and she can't be bothered with him either. Not too long and I think they will be sharing cat naps and playing together which will do him good because he is quite lazy at the best of times! Lucy might do him some good and shift a bit of the excess weight he is carrying! Lucy is lovely. Last night she spent the entire night with me snoozing between my pillows at the back of my head. She knew down time and stayed there all night.  Nothing better to wake up to a happy yawning kitten ready for her next day of adventures! Love Becky and Lucy