One of the oldest residents at Yorkshire Cat Rescue is hoping for third time lucky after he was adopted and returned twice.

Harvey, now 13 years old, was originally handed in at the centre in December 2016 when his owner died. The first time he was adopted, he was returned when he and the other resident cats didn’t quite see eye to eye, despite everyone’s best efforts. He was then lucky to find love in Leeds with a lovely lady who clearly saw his potential. Sadly, earlier this summer, he found himself back with the charity in Keighley when she fell ill.

Harvey is now a year older and desperate for a final, forever home.

Sara Atkinson, founder of Yorkshire Cat Rescue, says: "This poor lad has spent his summer with us and still no luck in finding him a home. Older cats who lose their owners sometimes find it harder than youngsters to come out of their shell at the centre. They just don't feel at home in a pen and really should be making themselves comfortable on a sofa with someone who appreciates the benefits of adopting an older cat. So we're trying our very best to help him tell the world what a lovely lad he is."

When Harvey arrived at the centre for the second time, his behaviour seemed a little odd. After a few trips to the vet with tests that kept coming back 'negative', he was finally diagnosed as potentially having a small, benign brain tumour.

"Harvey's brain tumour shouldn't affect how long he has left to live. It just means he can get a little confused at times - it looks like he is wondering why he is finding it so much harder to live at the centre than all the young cats around him. But he really is completely lovely - just so desperately unlucky," says centre manager, Sam Davies.

She adds: "We feel he might be a little too vulnerable to be roaming streets or fields on his own. So we'd love to find him a home with a safe and enclosed garden - because he does love the outdoors and a cat his age should be able to enjoy life - even if he sometimes forgets where he is."

To offer Harvey a home, call the charity 01535 647184 or email [email protected]