Rescued from a pet shop, re-homed and returned - but finally, Bella the kitten has her forever home.

Along with her two siblings, Bella was rescued from a pet shop in Wakefield. The trio were placed in foster care with Yorkshire Cat Rescue until they would be old enough to be put up for adoption. They weren't in great health, with the most serious problem being severely upset tummies.

Bella turned out to be quite a character - wanting to be part of everything, including a day's filming at the rehoming centre for the BBC One Show. That day, a lady fell in love with Bella and asked to reserve her until she was old enough to leave the charity for her new home - even though she was still only little and rather smelly!

Weeks of care, antibiotics and medical treatment continued, yet the kittens couldn't seem to recover from whatever had made their stomachs so upset. Finally, a series of medical tests found internal parasites in the kittens, known as Isospora. In small kittens, it can be serious and one of them was admitted to hospital for a week. It took two months before the litter were finally given the all-clear.

Bella was finally able to move in with her new family but sadly, she proved to be too much of a handful for them - one day escaping from a 2nd floor flat window. Stuck in a bush, it took hours to find her, and when they did, she was freezing cold and covered in dirty and slugs.

The next day, a rather traumatised Bella was returned to her foster mum - proving once again what a character she was by escaping from the cat carrier and travelling home on her foster mum's shoulder, where she could look out of the window.

Bella spent Christmas in foster care for a full assessment, and was yet again put up for adoption in early 2018. She was spotted online by Tracey who proved to be the perfect match. Bella is now spoiled rotten by her new family, which includes Twix the cat and Bracken the dog. She even has her own Wendy house.

We are sharing this story to demonstrate that once a kitten or cat is in the care of Yorkshire Cat Rescue, we will always look after them should anything happen to their new families.