Yorkshire Cat Rescue, a charity based in Crossroads Keighley has taken in a family of two young female cats and a kitten who were left abandoned by the roadside in a carrier. 

The lady who came across the carrier that was found in Farnley in Leeds thought it looked a little odd and decided to stop to take a look. Lucie Fox operations manager at Yorkshire Cat Rescue said “Thank goodness the lady stopped to check. If it hadn't been for her we dread to think what would have happened to this family. We are full and struggling to find room and spare pens, but we knew we had to get these cats in straight away.” 

Cat in carrier

It looked as though the family had been left in the carrier for hours, if not a day or two. The carrier was full of excrement and all the cats were petrified. The charity will be keeping the family together and placing them in a foster home so they can feel safe and loved once again.

Lucie says “We have never known anything like it. Everyday gets worse and the calls and messages for help never stop. The cost of living crisis is causing people to do desperate things like this and it is truly heartbreaking. We can’t seem to keep up anymore.”

The family have now been placed in a foster home together where they will stay until the young kitten is old enough to be adopted. Keep an eye on the charity website for updates.