A pregnant kitten found with a broken pelvis is nearing the end of her recovery, and is looking for a new home.

Alma was just around 6 months old when RSPCA inspectors found her at the side of the road and brought her to a vet in Leeds.

Her pelvis was broken – most likely from being hit by a passing car. Sadly, she was also pregnant despite her young age, and the kittens had to be aborted to give her a chance at survival and healing.

Luckily, Yorkshire Cat Rescue offered to take her in, and placed her in foster care with Natalie Procter in Keighley. Here, she was prescribed complete cage rest to maximise her chance of recovery.

“It was really tough for her in there, but restricting her movements around the clock was the only way for her pelvis to heal,” says Natalie. “She was only a big kitten herself, and she spent the days vocally making her discontent known to the whole house.”

The treatment worked and just after Christmas, Alma was allowed out of her crate for 10 minutes per day.

Natalie says: “She was so pleased to be out and about in the house, and immediately tried to get herself into trouble. We had to watch her very carefully to make sure she didn’t jump up onto the furniture, yet she still managed to get herself caught inside a wine rack which took some creative wiggling to get her out of.”

Alma is an extremely friendly cat which suggests that she was once someone’s pet.

Sam Davies, centre manager at Yorkshire Cat Rescue says: “All too often, cats are found and handed in as strays, but so many of them have almost certainly been someone’s pet. Of course, some are dumped but the majority are simply lost or picked up mistakenly by someone who thinks they are homeless. If they don’t wear a collar and aren’t chipped, chances of finding their family are slim, and they then end up in a rescue.”

In just a week, Alma will have her final check-up at the vet and Natalie hopes she will be given the all clear to be put up for adoption. “Alma is the most adorable little cat. She is super friendly, sociable and gets on well with the other resident cats including Liesel. I think she will fit into most homes – ideally somewhere fun with people to play with.”

Alma will have to stay indoors for some weeks yet until she has completely finished her rehabilitation, but then she should be able to go outside.

Sam says: “Luckily for Alma, she is now both spayed and chipped so her future is a lot brighter than it was when she found herself on the side of the road. With everyone’s help and Natalie’s dedication, she now has a future.”