Yorkshire Cat Rescue has come to the aid of a tiny kitten who was found on the streets in Bradford after being hit by a car. The kitten, now named Winter was given treatment at the vets and the charity is hopeful cage rest and painkillers will help him make a full recovery. 

Sadly Winter’s story is not unique.  The number of kittens found on the streets is steadily  increasing. This is one of the many reasons that YCR continues to focus on the importance of not letting kittens out until they are 6 months of age and they are neutered and chipped to prevent unwanted litters and getting lost. The charity ensures every cat and kitten who comes to them is chipped and neutered before going to their new homes and every person who adopts from them is given appropriate advice and information on settling their new cat or kitten in.

 If you are looking to add a new addition to your home please get in touch with the charity on [email protected] or phone 01535 647184 (lines are open between 1-4 weekdays and 10.30-4 weekends). 

It’s a happy outcome for Winter as he has already been reserved and will be heading to his new home once he has been given the all-clear by the vets.