Little Gus came to them after mum cat had killed nearly all her siblings and there were only two kittens left. The charity did what they could but the sibling didn’t survive either. 

It has been touch and go with Little Gus who at first had little chance of survival. She went to stay with an experienced fosterer Emily Hall who said “I had to bottle feed her every two hours for the first two weeks! I started to notice she cried in pain when I toiletted her and her pee also smelt really strong. Since staying with me Gus has had numerous infections of her bladder and has been on antibiotics most of her life.” 

kitten cuddling

“I managed to help her gain weight and she even hit the 1 kilogram mark, but sadly the infection came back every time we stopped medication. Gus now needs further tests and anti-inflammatory medication, and maybe even surgery in her future so that we can clear the infections and ensure she lives a long, happy and healthy life.” 

The charity has spent £2168.25 so far on Gus’s medical bills and is appealing to anyone out there if they would be able to help them with these costs. To donate simply click the button below. 

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