Six year old Maurice arrived at the re-homing centre in Keighley as a stray back in February, but soon became a favourite among staff and volunteers. "He was a super friendly lad and quickly found a new family, which should have been the end of his story with us," says centre manager, Sam Davies.

Sadly, it was not.

A month later, the new owner called to say that Maurice wasn't getting on with their other cat, but that a family member had fallen in love with him and had asked to adopt him instead.

Sam says: "It can be a huge help when people find solutions themselves when they are unable to keep a cat, and this seemed like the ideal option for Maurice."

Sadly, his new family also had a cat already, and it seemed Maurice just didn't like that sort of furry company - most likely after having been in fights with other cats while living on the street.

Maurice was returned to the re-homing centre and put up for adoption as an only cat.

Sam says: "When two cats in a home truly don't get on, the best thing is sometimes to find somewhere else for one of them. It was a shame but not the family's fault, and they did the right thing for Maurice.

"Still being our happy chap it wasn’t long before he charmed himself to a new home. His new family were over the moon and we were sure we wouldn’t see him again. A month later though his new owner called us in tears; she was severely allergic to Maurice. Medication did not help, and so he came back to us for the second time. Again, no one's fault but bad luck."

Unfortunately, Maurice has been left a little battle scarred from having had so many different homes in a short space of time.

"Cats like routine and sadly, our lovely happy boy has become really unsettled through no fault of anyone really - least of all him. So we are now issuing a plea for the ideal and absolute final home for our boy where he can find his sparkle again. He just wants to be the only cat in the family, and with a personality like his, you really don't need anyone else," Sam says.

To arrange to meet Maurice, contact the charity on 01535 647184 or [email protected]