Impressed that Yorkshire Cat Rescue now saves over 1000 cats each year and offer them the best possible care, the biggest funder of pet rescues in the UK has awarded the charity a £20k grant.

Support Adoption for Pets helps charities cover the costs of care as well as investing in projects that improve rescue pet welfare.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue applied for £20,000 towards their spiralling vet bills, and the Trustees of Support Adoption for Pets awarded the full funding.

By the end of September 2017, Yorkshire Cat Rescue had spent £81,016 on vet bills.

Nichola Griffiths, Grant Funding Coordinator at Support Adoption for Pets, says: "All cats that leave Yorkshire Cat Rescue are neutered, microchipped and will have received all the veterinary treatment they require - no mean feat given the number of cats that come through their doors. Understandably, their annual vet bills are massive - pushed up further by the occasions when they step in and save cats from households with 10, 20 and even more cats living together in poor condition and in health. Their work is relentless and their effort is remarkable."

Sara Atkinson, founder of Yorkshire Cat Rescue says: "We regularly take in cats and kittens that are not used to be in human hands. They need intensive handling and rehabilitation before we can put them up for adoption. It takes time, effort and sometimes a lot of resources, but it's work we are proud to take on time and time again.

"We never cut corners when it comes to the welfare of the cats in our care. It's an expensive policy but one which has shown us many miracles over the years. We have set the bar high and are proud to do so. With this grant, we can continue to say 'yes' to cats which might otherwise not have a chance. It's amazingly generous and we are all both touched and delighted."