Little Mulberry came to us at 5 weeks of age. Unfortunately he had ringworm which is a fungal skin infection that can be very hard to get rid off. It's why he has been with us so long. Growing up fighting infection meant he didn't grow up as fast and as strong as he might have. His growth plates took longer to fuse and his legs were a little weaker than they would normally have been at his age. Now, he would probably have been OK if he was a sensible boy but have you ever met a sensible kitten! After getting too giddy playing around he took a fall that broke his leg. Poor Mulberry had some x-rays and the vet said he would need surgery to fix his leg and hip joint. He came through the surgery well and is now in a foster home having very boring cage rest for a fortnight while his wound heals. After that he will need a lot of exercise (of the sensible kind because his other leg is weak too) to get the joint moving. The operation means that one leg is very slightly shorter than the other - we hope it slows him down a little! Mulberry's x rays and surgery will cost YCR £1000 and we will continue to pay for his care as he recuperates with his sister Juneberry keeping an eye on him.