Sleeping black and white kitten at Yorkshire Cat RescueAlthough Yorkshire Cat Rescue runs a rehoming service, there are certain cats who would struggle to be rehomed if long-term support wasn’t provided.  Cats who qualify for long-term care are cats with chronic health conditions, and cats who are classed as geriatric. Generally speaking the support extends to medical cover for specific conditions (including where appropriate age-related conditions), and rarely covers food or routine treatment such as treating for worms and fleas, although we might assist if a special diet is needed.

Berlioz was the son of a cat who we had rescued as her owner could not afford to keep her.

He remained in foster care until he was 10 weeks old at which point he returned to our centre for neutering and rehoming.  At the same time he returned to our centre another cat was admitted and this latter cat turned out to be suffering from feline panleukopenia, or feline parvo-virus.  Berlioz, along with other cats, contracted this terrible virus and although he recovered the virus left him suffering from diabetes.

Berlioz was adopted by a loving couple and - as can be seen from the photos - is very much loved and very happy in his home, but his medical bills are extensive and his adopters would not have been able to meet them.  Had we not offered to provide support, it is likely that Berlioz would have spent most of his life in a cat pen.

His diabetes has not stabilised and he has developed cataracts as a further consequence.  He requires fortnightly appointments to assess his condition and he requires several insulin injections per day.