Before I started as an Admin Assistant for Yorkshire Cat Rescue I was a volunteer in the YCR charity shop in Keighley, and I still volunteer once a week. The reason I started volunteering was the two kittens my partner and I adopted in 2015 from this amazing organisation. Without the wonderful work of YCR and fosterer Emma I don’t think Bentley and Ginetta would have had much of a chance in life.

I wanted to give something back and since I had quite a bit of free time to spare volunteering seemed like the perfect option. And it was! Not only do I on a weekly basis get to dig into all the lovely book donations which I, as a former bookseller, just love. I also get to work with some fantastic, funny and lovely people who always make you feel welcome. So to me volunteering is not one-sided, yes I do help out but I get so much more in return. You should try it!