Little Jammie was born on the 23rd October to a very frail, thin and young mummy cat Oreo whose owners had not got her neutered. As Oreo was so thin already her little body couldn't cope with feeding 5 kittens and she struggled to produce enough milk for them all. 

It took a long time for all the kittens to start putting on weight, but sadly for Jammie she seemed to struggle the most out of them all. This poor baby couldn't fatten up no matter how much our foster tried, and she also ended up with cat flu and multiple bouts of diarrhea and sickness. The poor thing ended up seeing the vets multiple times and was prescribed so many different treatments to try and get her better. 

After some time the foster managed to get her weight up and we seemed to turn a corner! Jammie was brought back to us so we could and find her a furever home. Unfortunately, just a day later Jammie gave us the biggest scare and we didn't think she would make it. 

One of our cat care team noticed Jammie was crying and straining to wee and after examining her she found a lump. We rushed her straight to the vets to find out what was going on, and we were told to prepare for the worst. X-rays showed that Jammie had somehow managed to burst her internal stitches (after her neuter earlier in the week) and her bladder and intestines had herniated into her abdominal cavity. Her condition was now life threatening and the vets had to act fast to save her.

Jammie underwent complex and lengthy emergency surgery, but we are pleased to say she fought through it like a little champ and is back with her foster mummy receiving plenty of cage rest and TLC until she is ready to go to her new family. Overall her care has come at a great cost to us, but without it this little fighter wouldn't be here today. 

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Poorly kitten with baby grow on at Yorkshire Cat Rescue   

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