This is Hero and he has had a very tough time. 

We were contacted by a police officer that had broken into a home to find a deceased person who had died a couple of weeks before. She was Hero's beloved owner and only companion. We can only imagine what poor Hero went through as his owner didn't respond, the litter tray filled up and the food bowls remained empty.
Once we got Hero he was rushed straight to a vet and then into emergency foster care. He smelt terrible and was covered in urine and faeces.  The vet cleaned him up and thought he might have spinal issues as he was completely unresponsive when they examined him.  Fortunately, his blood tests came back showing he hadn't been severely affected by starvation so he went into foster care, where he hid, wide eyed. He was eating but continued to urinate in his bed. We became worried he might have something seriously physically wrong with him.  
Then all of a sudden he began to trust his foster carer and her daughter. They spent part of every day sitting near to him, telling him quietly that he was going to be OK. Then he began to wash his face, found his purr, the litter tray and a reason to be a cat again. There was nothing now wrong with him physically, but his mind was only just beginning to heal.
Cats, and other animals, can get post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) just like humans can. When you realise that Hero was suffering from PTSD his behaviour is understandable.  It is common for animals with PTSD to go into hiding and remain almost frozen there. It will take Hero some time to process what has happened to him. He will remain in a quiet foster home until he is ready to make the jump to a new life with a person who can make new happy memories with him.
If you would like to help with the veterinary and rehabilitation costs for Hero then please make a donation, or if you can afford it please donate monthly so that we have the funds to care for more cats and kittens like him.
Thank you x