Kitten season is a manic and extremely expensive time of year for us as a charity. Hundreds and hundreds of kittens will be born to cats out on the streets, or in homes where people can no longer look after them. Every kitten season is the same and we only expect the numbers of kittens born to go up and up.

We have had 3 litters of kittens born just in the last week so we know that kitten season is starting. To care and make sure every kitten is well fed, socialised and looked after costs us alot of money and this is where we really need your help.

At a time where things ahve been extremely difficult for us we would really appreciate it if anyone could donate some wet kitten and cat food, toys, a regulaer or one off donation, or even something off our Amazon Wishlist. Whatever you choose to donate is up to you but please know every donation will make a huge difference.

Without your donations kittens would be left to grow up on the streets, fighting for survival with no chance at a better life. Here at Yorkshire Cat Rescue we will make sure any kitten is well fed, has access to medical care if they need it, is played with and given a fantastic new home.