A kind person was shocked to find a very poorly, very little bundle of fur alone outside. This was Elsie, underweight, full of cat flu and seemingly abandoned by her mother. The lady rushed her to a vet  who took the kitten in for emergency treatment and contacted YCR about getting her into foster care. Right then she needed bottle feeding and lots of care to help her fight the infection and gain weight. Later when well she would need kitten playmates too for a happy, healthy kittenhood.  
A foster carer came forward who could give her the care and love she would need to recover. She is growing stronger by the day but will still need a lot more care, vet trips and growing before she is ready to leave us. At that time she will go and live with the lady who found her, who has not stopped thinking about her. Elsie may have felt hungry, cold and frightened but it turned out being abandoned has led her to many people looking out for her. If you would like to help Elsie too, please donate towards her ongoing veterinary costs'