Toby is a stunning snowy white cat who had been living on the streets for around three years after his owner sadly passed away. With no where to go poor Toby had to fend for himself and life on the streets did not treat him well. After those 3 years he ended up with no teeth, extremely matted fur and permanent damage to his ears. 

Poorly white stray cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

A very kind lady rescued Toby and once he was in our care we took him to the vets immediately and they discovered he had multiple infections, as well as numerous benign growths (polyps) in both ears. Because his ears had been left untreated for so long, some of the infections are now resistant to certain antibiotics and Toby has permanent nerve damage which has left him partially deaf. The vets did all they could to flush out and clean his ears, but it is likely the infection will keep coming back so Toby will need regular check ups to keep this under control. 

Toby is a fighter though and he hasn't let any of this stop him from living life to the full! Even though he will never have healthy ears again he has stolen the heart of his foster mummy, who has decided to adopt him and give him a life full of love and cuddles.

Although Toby has found his happily ever after, his care has not come cheap and we will also be paying for any treatment relating to his ears for the rest of his life. If you can please help us by making a donation - or better still a regular donation, as having a few extra pounds each month will help us to give kittens and cats like Toby the chance to have a better life. One worth fighting for!

Thank you x