Little Fluffy came in after her owner had died.  The poor little girl had a huge abscess on her face which was badly infected with pus coming from the abscess. We rushed her to the vets and when they cleaned her up they could see that her jaw on that side had disintegrated and her whole mouth was incredibly sore with both bone and teeth disintegrated.  

The vets x-rayed her to try and see whether this was an infection or cancer. Under examination and clearing the bone fragments a grass seed was found. We think that the grass seed has gone into her face and then the wound has become so infected and left untreated for so long that it has had such serious effect on her health. The infection itself appears to have caused the bone to eventually disintegrate. She has had the wound cleaned out now and the bone fragments and some teeth removed.

We can’t bear to think how long Fluffy was in pain.  She is now recovering slowly and is able to eat a lot better, but you can see from the shape of her eyes that there has been some damage to her face.

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Fluffy sick cat at Yorkshire Cat Rescue