After a couple of months volunteering at Yorkshire Cat Rescue, Millie persuaded her family to begin fostering: “It didn’t take long before my parents agreed for us to become a foster family. I promised to take full responsibility for caring and cleaning for the cats, but the whole family loves to get involved.”

Millie has always loved animals and it is her ambition to become a vet: “Fostering cats with Yorkshire Cat Rescue has given me invaluable experience, and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to make a real difference to the lives of cats” 


Why do I love being a Yorkshire Cat Rescue foster carer? Well, who wouldn't want to play with kittens all day! But seriously, being involved with YCR has been the most rewarding and enjoyable thing I have ever done.  It is an amazing feeling knowing that you have made a difference, and that because of your care an abandoned or ill cat or kitten will have a chance at a fantastic new life. 

And we have a wonderful family of foster carers at YCR, many who have years of experience and that are more than happy to offer help and advice whenever you need it. So not only have I made quite a few furry friends, I have made a lot of lovely human friends too. 

Most people say 'I couldn't foster, I wouldn't be able to give them up' and it's true that entrusting the little kitten that you've cherished for weeks or months to new people is hard but seeing them happy, content and well loved in their new homes reminds us of why we do this. I'm in touch with loads of my ex-foster kittens and get updates so I can watch them grow up. And on top of all this you get to have a regular kitten fix without ending up with a house full of cats! How can anyone resist that?!

Cassidy, a one eyed kitten who was in foster care at Yorkshire Cat Rescue

I have fostered for approximately 18 years and it's so rewarding, I particularly love working with the orphans, from tiny little helpless kittens to boisterous, happy, healthy kittens ready for a new home, the odd one or two slip through the net and end up demanding me to be their slave for life!

It's always hard to return the mum & kittens or the orphans to YCR when they are ready for their new future but that also is the rewarding part. I know I have helped them get to that stage and sometimes it's wonderful to know that if I hadn't fostered them they might not of had a future at all. 

This photo is Cassidy who was very ill with flu as a kitten, he came to me fighting for his life, he lost his eye but he managed to win the fight. Very quickly he became a healthy, happy boy who stole my heart.