John and his wife so love their little old lady cat, Holly, that in tribute to her, they decided to donate £1000 towards our appeal.

John says: 

We adopted her from a rescue centre aged about 6 months, back in 2004. She was a funny runty thing with no tail, and has pottered along very happily over the years, slowing down gradually. 

Today [Holly] is still with us, eating little bits of food, mostly sleeping, but occasionally dragging herself outside into the sun, or to sit with us on the sofa, bless her. We have said for a couple of years now that we will be happy if she sees another summer, and we’re glad she’s had a few days of sun to enjoy.

 We appreciate the work you do – we rehomed one of your cats for my Mum before she died, and my wife is a supporter and occasional kitten-fosterer.

John was able to Gift Aid to his donation, greatly increasing the amount raised for our new centre.

Thank you John!