It's a tough year for cat rescue nationwide. Last year, when the country went into lockdown, many vets were forced to limit their work to emergencies only. This year we are seeing that situation have an impact on cat populations, as fewer cats were neutered than would normally be the case. We are currently inundated with calls to help as people are finding kittens, pregnant and nursing cats and other abandoned cats throughout the county.  We want to be able to help all these cats but we do not have the capacity.  

Additionally, there is a shortage of vets(!) and so the vets we use are all backed up with appointments for basic surgery such as neutering -meaning that cats are having to wait several weeks before they can be neutered and adopted out.

Right now we have a large number of cats and kittens in our care, we need to focus on these cats and to support the many foster carers who have stepped forward to help us.  They, and we, are working hard to get these cats well and ready for adoption. However, with so many cats being our responsibility, we are struggling for time and resources.

For this reason we have decided to that it is unfair to add cats to our waiting list of cats needing to come into rescue for all cats but absolute emergencies. Realistically, it will be months before we can help, and indeed we may never be able to help such is the demand.

However, as soon as the numbers of cats in our care becomes manageable, as they are adopted out, we will do our best to reopen to more cats and kittens coming in.

We will continue to remotely adopt cats out to new homes and plan to open the centre (by appointment only) later this year. You can see cats needing new homes here.

If you are concerned about a cat or kittens or need a new home for a cat, please see our advice page here.

We strongly recommend you take the following actions if you have a cat that needs to be rehomed:

  • Get the cat(s) neutered;
  • Ask your friends, family and colleagues to spread the word;
  • Visit any potential new owner and make arrangements to call again after a few weeks;
  • Arrange to get the cat microchipped or if already microchipped get the details changed to the new owner's address.