Babi & Little Bo are two gorgeous black and white young cats who came to us at 10 months old with a litter of four kittens each. This means they will have been 6 months old when they got pregnant, still only babies themselves. 

Unfortunately the kittens were born out of an inbred situation which can cause health problems and genetic conditions. Sadly none of the kittens survived which was a traumatic experience for the cats, us and most importantly the wonderful lady who fostered them all. 

A lot of people don't realise that cats can actually get pregnant when they are as young as 4/5 months old which we aim to prevent. We neuter kittens at around 10 weeks of age as long as they are healthy and at weight. Older cats and kittens who come to us are also neutered as soon as possible. 

When cats go through things like this it really highlights just how important getting them spayed can be. For people who would struggle to pay vet bills to get this done there is help out there and Cats Protection do offer vouchers. 

Please share and spread the word not just today, but everyday. Always neuter your animals!