We want to give you all an update on William, the kitten we featured as one of our fospice cats. The amazing news to report is that he is our first fospice cat to move from fospice to normal foster care! He was a very poorly kitten and all signs showed he had FIP. We were contacted by the lovely people at FIP warriors to see if there may be a treatment option for him. The treatment is currently unlicensed in the UK and very expensive. So before we decided to treat him we wanted to confirm he had FIP. The condition is hard to diagnose as there is not an easy test for it. He went to our vets for a full scan and blood tests. Surprisingly his bloated belly had no fluid in it (a sign of FIP) and his blood results didn't show any telltale signs either. His blood results were strange and he was still very poorly so our vets took over his intensive care which included a feeding tube and lots of supplements to help him regain his strength. Thank you to the vets and people who supported him and everyone who wished him well and contributed to the appeal here. Your donations have helped us pay for his vet bills. Here he is now! He has gone from not being able to play with his sisters to being the most annoying little brother ever and we are delighted even if they are not!