William arrived into our foster family with his 3 sisters in December from a multi-cat household. He had ringworm and was very underweight. He was extremely timid and scared due to not been socialised. He had severe diarrhea and was very lethargic , after the settling in period and treatment for his medical needs we discovered his diarrhea was still continuing so it wasn't just because of worms or stress . We took him for a further vet trip to have blood tests done and unfortunately he tested positive for a virus which can mutate into FIP. FIP is a virus which is almost invariably a fatal disease.

The vets had concerns as he's wasn't thriving , lethargic and still had diarrhea so suspects the virus is indeed mutating into FIP but advised us to monitor closely and judge how he is from behaviour. Luckily he drinks plenty and hasn't had dehydration.With all the medication needed to be given this has contributed to William becoming more scared of hands so gaining his trust has been a battle but didn't stop us from reassuring him he is loved .

For the past week we are thankful his poos have been more solid and we have witnessed him play a little with his sisters for the first time since been in care , seeing him show little glimpses of been a healthy kitten has melted our hearts as he really has had a hard start in his little kitty life.

He still is extremely wary of strangers but he will take food from my hand and allow me to have a cuddle if he is feeling comfortable. William still continues to need lots of sleep but he is beginning to love head rubs and I believe he knows he is in the best place to receive love , a good diet and his medical needs met.

His foster family loves him dearly and we will continue giving him love and care , which he deserves in abundance...